A Peacock among Egrets January 25th to May 5th, 2013


Photo: Evidence: Gesture III by Becky Jaffe

This Great Egret, whom I dubbed Peacock for his flamboyant ways, is proudly displaying to his rookery mates the choice nesting material he plucked from a nearby tree. The green patch in front of his eye, called a lore, is normally yellow; the temporary green coloration indicates that he is ready to breed. Despite Peacock’s obvious suitability as a mate, he never managed to garner any interest among the ladies during the last breeding season. If I were an egret, I’d snatch up this fetching fellow in a wingbeat.

Peacock flew his way into the The West Coast Biennial Juried Art Exhibit, which is currently on display from January 25th through May 5th at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, California. This image is one of four in the series entitled Evidence: Gestures I-IV.  The set of four, matted in a single frame, shows the various display positions Peacock used to woo the chicks and can be purchased for $425.