Treble clef

Treble clef

Hip Hop’s Cambrian Explosion


Lateef the Truth Speaker of Latyrx by Becky Jaffe

I recently attended a Hip Hop concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco, and was somewhat surprised to find that I and the rest of the audience were abundantly white. At one point I joined a circle of friends-of-friends, who introduced themselves in turn as a “Hip Hop scholar,” a “Hip Hop critic,” and a “Hip Hop reviewer.”  When it was my turn to introduce myself, one of them asked me, “Do you write articles about Hip Hop?”  I too quickly replied “No!” inwardly cringing at the tendency among white people such as myself to intellectualize everything, even music, and to make it an identity to boot. I shuffled my feet as I reluctantly admitted, “Well, I did write one article on hip hop…”  Ok, three, which you can read at MathBabe‘s fabulous rant on all things quantitative:

Hip Hop’s Cambrian Explosion: Part I

Hip Hop’s Cambrian Explosion: Part II

Hip Hop’s Cambrian Explosion: Part III