Rainbow grasshopper

Rainbow grasshopper

The far-fetched, the improbable, and the whimsical are at play in the leaf litter.


Intertwined too


sentinel lo res

I spotted this Jesus Christ Lizard (so named because she walks on water) sunning herself in a shaft of light in the forest’s dark understory. I couldn’t help but wonder: What Would the Jesus Lizard Do?



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I was supposed to be hard at work doing serious things, but then I noticed the linen hanging tape curled up in a tangle, and the interplay of light and shadow on the curved forms and you know how it is … the afternoon was derailed by beauty once again.



This is the leaf that transforms sunlight and air into a voluptuous papaya. Like solar energy, awe is a renewable resource.



Is it just me, or is there a certain detectable exuberance to photosynthesis?



Poison-dart frog


Several of nature’s people

I know, and they know me;

I feel for them a transport

Of cordiality

– Emily Dickinson





Much of the botanical world appears to be mathematics incarnate. This fleshy fractal is my photographic ode to the Natural Order.

Stairway to Trader Joe’s




May we all feel interconnected in the web of being. May the light shine on our broken threads. May we mend and weave in 2017.

Fractal thinking


Let It Rain




Photo by Becky Jaffe

“My dear young fellow,’ the Old-Green-Grasshopper said gently, ‘there are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven’t started wondering about yet.” – Roald Dahl


Scene & Herd

Scene and Heard

Photo by Becky Jaffe

Spathe and Spadix

spathe and spadix-1

for Imogen Cunningham

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

Humpty dumpty


Investigations in grace-2

The gem in the lower right is the chrysalis of the Monarch, which Somehow transformed itself from a black-and-yellow caterpillar into this pale green lantern flecked with gold. In a few days she will Somehow emerge as a creature capable of flying 2,000 miles. I can’t say I understand much about life’s mysteries, but I love it anyhow.


ladybugs 1

Photo by Becky Jaffe


Spider drinking honey

Photo by Becky Jaffe

I left a spoonful of honey on the kitchen counter carelessly and returned some time later to find this sweet surprise. I have since taken to carefully leaving spoonfuls of honey around the house.



Photo by Becky Jaffe

What I am supposed to be doing: Taxes.
What I am actually doing: Lurking in a drainage ditch, ogling egrets and daydreaming about the gods and evolutionary biology.
What I am supposed to be thinking about: our material net worth, measured in dollars.
What I am actually thinking about: our immaterial Net Worth, the immeasurable.


the circle of life

circle of lifePhoto by Becky Jaffe



Photo by Becky Jaffe

Transmogrification Studies

B's Triptych wFrm

Photos by Becky Jaffe

When I brought home a branch of wild fennel and stuck it in a vase in my living room a month ago, I harbored the tiny hope that it might contain hidden in its foliage a microscopic egg. When I discovered a plump lime-green caterpillar (left photo) marching across my rug searching for fresh food two weeks later, I harbored the small hope that she might survive long enough to pupate. When she folded herself into a tiny green hammock (middle photo) and fell into a deep slumber, I harbored the small hope that I might be present to observe her emerge.  When I awoke on my birthday and found her pulling her last leg out of her decayed chrysalis (right photo), I traded in my small hopes for big awe. When she popped open her wings and sailed out the window a few hours later, I threw my small hopes after her and caught a whiff of faith on the updraft.

I was fortunate enough to take these photographs of her successive transformations to share with you.

Thank you for Taiyo Lipscomb for compiling these three images into one frame. Thank you to Soji Odukogbe for being my companion in wonder.