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I enjoy sharing my love of nature, photography, science, poetry, and art with audiences of all ages. I have developed several public lectures, which I have the pleasure of presenting at science museums, photographic societies, university classrooms, environmental science centers, and community gardens. Below is a list of the current presentations, which range from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length. If you would like to schedule me as a guest speaker in your classroom, photography club, poetry group, or birdwatching circle, please feel free to contact me at

Photo: Becky Jaffe by Tom Trippe


Public Lecture Topics:

Eye to Compound Eye: The Art & Science of Insect Photography is unabashed pro-insect propaganda;

Bay Area Life Cycles: A Year of Wild Living emphasizes migration cycles of local wildlife and incorporates audio quizzes of esoteric animal sounds;

Seeing Nature & The Nature of Seeing is a primer on visual thinking in the field of nature photography;

Kindred Spirits: Photographs from our Extended Family Album is an overview of the Animal Kingdom’s evolutionary history emphasizing our fundamental relatedness;

Nature in Vision & Verse unites nature photography and nature poetry in homage to the biosphere. Responding to prompts developed from the exhibit, students are guided through the process of writing their own nature poetry.

Genital Plugs, Projectile Penises & Gay Butterflies: A Naturalist Explains the Birds and the Bees takes a peek into the more outlandish ways animals do the wild thing.

Here’s a review from an audience member:

“Ebullient enlightening entomologist elucidates enigmas eloquently, entertaining everyone enormously!” — Eli Jenkins

“Better than TV!” – Isaiah, age 5


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